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Introduction to table tennis:

Table tennis is an extremely fast moving sport and demands possibly the quickest reactions of any of the Olympic disciplines.

Table Tennis Center L.L.C. has the friendliest mix of foreign and local players in all ages and gender playing table tennis for training, leisure, and competition
Table tennis players can put extreme spin on the ball to make it difficult to predict or return, or can try to maneuver their opponent around the table – hoping to open up a point winning opportunity. But the real joy of the game is in its simplicity, requiring very little in the way of equipment, meaning it is a very accessible sport.
Table tennis is certainly a sport for all and a sport for life – anyone can get involved at any time and continue play throughout. It is particularly good for developing alertness and co-ordination.
How playing table tennis is good for fitness

Playing table tennis can have a number of positive health and fitness benefits including:

About the center
Founded in May 2019, Table Tennis Center L.L.C. is the fruit of ADTTA (Affiliation of Dynamic Table Tennis Athletes) – a non-profitable group table tennis club existing since December 2011 up to present located in the City of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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