To be part of your company’s growth and development and to achieve career advancement through sincere and responsible work attitude.
Can withstand job pressure, can easily cope with company’s work system, and results oriented. Easily get along well with acquaintance and works and plays well as a team.
Highly skilled UI Developer, seeking to use proven skills in UI to enhance user experience(UX).
Color Extreme LLC
Web Developer/Designer/Digital Printing Machine Operator
Comprehensive technical knowledge of HTML5, CSS programming and JavaScript coding.
  • Performed coding on the front-end development for interactive and responsive websites to improve functionality and user experience using HTML, CSS, and Javascript libraries.
  • Responsible for design maintenance and troubleshooting of main and mobile site.
  • Conceptualize custom design solutions based on client’s wishes for website projects, while balancing aesthetics, usability, and functionality
Quadralwan LLC
Web designer/Graphics designer
Coordinate and communicate with customers to plan web development projects from concept through completion, utilizing a variety of web development tools and technology.
  • Create complex graphics and professional designs for a businesses and organizations including custom graphic and logo design.
  • Provide web solutions and develop web sites and web applications based on specific business needs for promotions and presentations.
  • Managed, maintain and update existing web sites for customers.
Saudi Digital Marketing LTD
Web designer/Graphics designer

Comprehensive technical knowledge of HTML programming and JavaScript coding

  • Computer Graphics and WEB Designer using adobe applications.(Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver).
  • Responsible for shaping the end-to-end user experience on web projects.
  • Maintained and updated both sites while working closely with on air talent and developers
  • Used Adobe Flash CS3 for many projects
Grand Mark Electronic System
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Computer and Electronics Technician
  • Repairing Desktop Computer and Printers
Reference above upon request.